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This can be attributed to a combination of cultural factors discouraging admission of mental health problems and to the contested legal status of many Latino immigrants in the United States. The overall picture that SDK paints is a fascinating one, and I D240 tma01 that the course materials managed to provide an excellent idea of how diverse the subject of mental illness is - how causes, treatments, indeed even definitions of what constitutes mental illness are determined by complex interrelated factors and cannot be attributed to just biology, or just psychology alone.

What does she plan on doing with her degree. Craft reports that "stigma and shame over mental health issues are enough to stop some Latinos from seeking assistance, the study's authors said.

Not only did I come away with a really good result, thanks to my great tutor who was always there when I had a question, but also with a much D240 tma01 and broader understanding of mental health. Moheno indicates that "When I talk to them in forums, or out in the fields, I don't use words like "mental health," Moheno said Monday.

The module is very modern and very relevant. Catherine Dawson Course starting: Throw the influence of society in the mix, and you have the ingredients for a handful or debates which I found most enlightening and thought-provoking.

By no means an easy option but worth every second of study time. August D240 tma01 me, this course was very tough going. My tutor was excellent which certainly helped. Maybe the OU might want to think about combining both modules and make it a 60 pointer.

The synthesis of these articles with lessons drawn from our course discussions and materials demonstrates that the mental health community must devise culturally attuned strategies aimed at countering this fear. Thank you peabee72 robynbateman underthecedartree g.

The quantity and difficulty of the study materials books and online was a lot more than I had expected. The article attributes this to a lack of sufficient resources for cultural and linguistic engagement and indicates that myriad steps must be taken to redress the absence of such resources.

I did not understand at all before this how addiction could be classed as a mental health problem and I learned so much about it that it completely changed my perception on addiction. A article by Cynthia H. See this page for the full text of questions and more information about the survey.

Ortega refers to this ambition as an agenda toward 'wellness,' a notion that expands western thinking on individual health to include mental, emotional and psychological conditions in assessing one's general health outlook.

The audio and video material provided for each section is first class. Believe in yourself and take risks. I absolutely loved this course and learnt a lot from it as well. Also need to do my assignment too, but I've got a 7 day extension on it.

According to Craft, the UC Davis Center for Reducing Health Disparities released a study just this week revealing that an enormous gap existed between this population's mental health needs and the opportunities for treatment available to it.

Yep I do my uni work in bed and yep I do make a mess Craft, published in The Sacramento Bee and entitled "U. If you have a query about a particular module, please contact your Regional Centre.

I've been busy doing uni work got a little bit more to do then this learning guide will be done then just 3 more to go to be caught up.

Once I'd got to grips with the biology then the course fell into place but the first few weeks of study were intense to get to grips with it. Book 4 Dementias and the associated multimedia map and case studies were especially good.

Indeed, what is particularly compelling about the article by Craft is that it underscores the role that culture can play in one's relationship to mental health treatment or the mental health community in general.

Jan Thompson Course starting: Melanie Greatorex Course starting: I love to learn and explore and this is only the start of it all. Tad early but I want these first two assignments out the way so I can enjoy Xmas and new year.

As expected from a Level 2 module, the TMAs are a challenging way to test the understaning of each section. And without someone to speak to in a shared language, reticence can become more acute. The report, based on input from more than Latinos, including some in Sacramento, found that the current workforce of psychologists and psychiatrists is ill-equipped to penetrate the disparities and bridge the cultural gulf.

The article evaluates the various cultural, economic and sociological reasons for this population's detachment from opportunities for psychological support.

The review here, which assess two recent newspaper articles on the subject to mental health, reports on the need for an expansion and refinement of the responsibilities assumed by the mental health community.


The article indicates that the two dimensions of human health are inextricable and that, as a result, the degree to which we effectively treat mental health in the population will have a bearing on the medical health of the said population. According to Ortega, scholarly research has "placed focus on how both mental and primary health is directly linked.

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Question: TMA 01 Summarise and discuss the presentations of mental health in the two newspaper articles given at the end of this TMA. Newspaper article 1: Meikle, J.


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TMA01 is formative and does not count towards OCAS. Your overall examinable component score (OES) is the score you achieve on the written Examination. To be sure of passing, you need to achieve at least 40 on OCAS and at least 40 on OES.

D240 tma01
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